Why Does Your Start-Up Need A Website in New Zealand?

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For many businesses in New Zealand, one of the most common discussions they might have is about how you can make yourself more visible. In the digital world we live in, visibility is most effective and most possible by using a website design to make that possible. A website is like a business card, a phone book, a journal, a newsletter and a store all in one. It allows you to sell your services/products, tell people why your service is worth using and propel your business further forward than without the internet.

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That being said, many New Zealand business owners might make the mistake of thinking their start-up or company does not need the internet. You can, of course, advertise your start-up locally and work with the public to make that possible. However, advertising in traditional way requires:

  • A unique, very visually impressive idea that will catch the eye of the public.
  • Limitless patience to handle the constant ignoring from the public.
  • An easy way to help people identify with the start-up despite likely not being interest.
  • Major investment to be made in marketing materials, paying staff time etc.

As you can imagine, it’s a much slower process. The internet, though, allows you to do all of the above in a smidgeon of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Hiring a graphics designer to make you a cool website design, logo and marketing materials tends to cost a fair amount. However, hiring someone to create flyers, have someone work day and night to post them out and then wait for responses to come in will not cost too much less.


Watching Results Unfold

With the internet, too, you get the power of analysis. Hand out all of those flyers and it’s hard to determine if someone got in touch with you because of one, or whether or not it was just good/bad luck. With the internet, you can see a direct correlation of who clicked on the link, where they came from, how long they stuck around for and – with social media – better profile your regular readership.

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For example, your website will thrive if you can work out who your main demographic is. It means you can promote and market your business to a certain kind of person, a certain age-group, a certain kind of employment. Start-ups work best when they have a targeted idea of who needs and wants what they have to offer. On the streets, such customization is much harder to get in place so you are not only less able to determine the results, but it’s hard to know if everyone taking a flyer is even fully interested!

In short, a business is far more likely to make a positive start-up online because:

  • It costs less to get started, with a greater scope.
  • Your audience is larger and can be better defined to allow for easier marketing.
  • You have limitless opportunity to keep growing, improving and adding to your business.
  • Staff costs are minimized by not needing expensive media ads or ‘street teams’ out marketing.

Keeping this in mind, then, you should hopefully see why your start-up would do well to invest in a new website design. It could be the difference between success and failure, so be sure to take action!

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